You should look for the causes of physical diseases in blocks and disturbances of harmonious energy flow. Seven major energy centers – the chakras – are located along the spine from the bottom to the top. There are energy knots that are closely linked with the entire central nervous and glandular system. Using the bioenergy therapy, the entire energy flow in the body is restored and strengthened. It will result in possible healing. Stability and inner harmony will increase as well as the immune system will grow stronger. In short, the life happiness will settle.

That’s why, I use the bio energy therapy with great pleasure, because my client relaxes greatly in a short time through direct body contact and chakras opening, and the organism becomes more opened for changing processes. This makes the access to the possible causes easier. Clarity and transformation are the consequences. Delicate and unusual cases can be easily and quickly healed and improved as well.

The bioenergy therapy is based on the Far Eastern concept of body, soul and spirit unity. Existence of this unity leads to life happiness and activating of the self-healing power at all levels. In Europe this concept is spread and developed by C. G. Jung and Dr. Mitsuo Shirahama.