“It was a wonderful treatment. I feel incredibly well! All the burdens have disappeared!” The chest pains, the sciatic nerve and the neck pressure are gone”.

“After the 2nd treatment I have no panic attacks and epileptic seizures any more. Now I can take my life in my own hands!”

“After the treatment I feel well and positive. After the long-lasting treatment with strong painkillers, I was able to reduce their amount and to some extant stop taking them completely. This is an incredible sense of life. I feel stronger and full of energy to settle important issues in my life. At last, I have the courage to spend my life in the place where I belong.”

“I feel that I have finally woken up. Now I have the energy and strength to take my life into my own hands and to make the necessary steps towards it.”

“For a long time I am suffering from a specific disease that is destroying the bones in my left foot. The pain is unbearable sometimes. The last visit to the doctor was unsatisfactory, because he could be of no further help to me, only prescribe cortisone injections over and over again. After the 2nd matrix treatment I have no more pains and could spend 3 hours in my stilettos on New Year’s Eve, which was impossible for me for years. The doctor was lost for words, when I told him that I had no pains. He said, it was a miracle. The blood circulation in the bone is completely restored and I get positive emotions from my foot again. I am completely pain free and extremely happy!”