The recognition of your own strengths and your own potential is the central point of my group coaching. The same may be said about the recognition of the principle of cause and consequence. Every thought is the cause, every external condition is its consequence (both in the internal and in the external). Moreover, there are no life circumstances that determine our feelings, but there exist our own individual perception of circumstances! Thus, we can see that everyone creates an appropriate environment himself, opens multiple new possibilities and perspectives. Therefore, every individual encounter with people will become special. In most cases, the synergy effect arises, which is so important and means that so-called Power team was created with professionalism and heart. It is a brilliant result, when the sum exceeds the separate parts.

urther keys to success in my coaching are visualizing and imagining in alpha-state, the verbal expression and the feeling of people. Your own perception and senses become sharp and the consciousness expands.

Susanne Bertheau
“Everything that is internal, will show itself as external!”